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EF41-54 High Pressure LPG Gas Stove Large Cast Iron Boiling Burner NZ Gas Safety

$269.00 $399.00

Suitable for Outdoor Use

>Intuitively designed for easy operation.
>High efficiency burner with flame designed for even heat distribution.
>Large trivet for greater cooking flexibility.
>Sturdy frame takes heavy weight.
>Durable design, will last for years if maintained correctly.


Brand: Generations ®
Product Name: Large Cast Iron Boiling Burner
Model: EF41-54
Country of Destination: New Zealand
Appliance Categories: Ізв/р 30
Gas Type: LPG (G30/G31)
Working Pressure: 2.8-3.0kPa
Nominal Heat Input: 34.2MJ/h (9.5kW)
Gas Consumption: 691g/h
Burner Injector Size: 01.50mm
Inlet Connection: 3/8" SAE
Ignition System: Manual
Country of Origin: China

SIZE: (L)40 x (W)40 x (H)30CM APPROX.


These appliances are not convertible; they must be used with the LPG gas.