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GQ31-2 Auto Ignition Single Burner Tempered Glass Panel Gas Stove

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Portable & Versatile Auto Ignition Tempered Glass Panel Single Burner Table Top Gas Cooker


Gas Type: LPG Heat Capacity: 11.52MJ/h = 3.2KW = 10919BTU/h Gas Pressure: 2.8 kPa An NZ Certified QCC regulator and 1.5m rubber hose with the correct size end fitting supplied with this cooker. The regulator may be either packed together with the cooker or sent separately with no extra shipping fees. Toughened glass panel, easy to clean and maintain Modern design gas cooker, easy to operate with strong cast iron burner caps Automatic ignition – NO mains power or batteries required Easy flame control Simplistic and portable design Use outdoors only

DIMENSIONS: 295mm (L) x 390mm (W) x 145mm (H)