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Heavy Duty Sound Deadener / Deadening 45CM X 1M

$19.99 $29.99
This sound proofing gives you and your car better sound, more music, more bass and a much more comfortable ride. It designed to maximize passenger comfort, driving enjoyment and is configured to overcome the negative effects of noise on the musicality of your vehicle's sound system. It is a hassle free method to win the fight against vehicle noise and vibration intrusions.

Product Features:

Material: Environmental protection butyl rubber
Self adhesive - very strong and static
the dimension is 100cm x 45cm
Approximate 2.1 mm thick
High quality sound proofing for car side doors and boot
Very easy to install and can fit to all the cars.
Look very nice, high quality. Shinning chrome on outlet layer
Top heat reflective aluminum. Underside- Black
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to oil, diluted acids and alkalis
Melting Point: 150 degree. Material is fire retardant