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Stainless Steel Wok No Coating Chinese Frying Pan


This frying pan is a timeless must-have for every kitchen. Our cookware is multi-functional, and suitable for many cooking methods. Use our frying pan on the stove, over a campfire, and even when slow-cooking.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 30cm, 36cm, 43cm

Made of Stainless steel which features with stability and durability, very hard and smooth for usage.
With handle design, saving your time and effort in carrying and storage. You can fry vegetables, fry eggs, cook hot pot, do cooking.

Easy and effortless when holding the pan, even ladies can hold the pan and start frying.
Simple and delicate, excellent and , carefully crafted, not easy to deform or break due to the high hardness.

Wok is simple in design, but very practical in use, which brings great convenience to you.

NOTE: Accessories Not Included