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Kmele Cream 15g x 2

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Main Ingredients: Arbutin, Ginseng, Angelica, Baiji, white tuber, licorice, chamomile, aloe, pollen, pearl. Efficacy: freckle, wrinkle removal, whitening, dispel acne, while quick to add moisture, nutrition, moisturizing, nourishing sunscreen skin rejuvenation effect, make the skin soft and smooth and elastic.

Usage: 1. Pack product, freckle Cream, nutrition Yi skin cream. 2. Clean the skin after the daily morning and evening rub once freckle Cream, a week later, during the day and start using nutrition Yi skin cream and continue to rub freckle Cream at night.

Note: 1. When using this product, please take a small amount on the inside of the arm or ear, to verify that is not allergic skin if applied at 24 hours after the itching, redness or swelling, is allergic skin used with caution. 2. Avoid the goods eyes, around the mouth, if accidentally gets in the eyes, immediately rinse with water. 3. Past use of lead, mercury, and other undesirable ingredients in skin care products, creams, long-term use of the pigment is not easy to fall off the cosmetics have been caused by blocked pores, toxins and pigment deposition in the skin, in using this process, it may be a slight redness, itching, sense of tension, and silt black, deterioration of grease, dander discharge, this is metabolism, strong resolve the toxins of benign reaction, a few days after the return to normal. 4. In the process of using this product, please do not use with other brands of skin care products mixed, so as not to affect the effect of the use of this product