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MFK 285 Keyless Entry System

$20.00 $49.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:1. MFK 285 keyless entry system.
2. Air lock / electric lock selection (programmable operation).
3. Remote open box (positive and negative jumper selection).

REASONS TO BUY:✨ Diagnostic tools: find a solution for diagnosing and testing your device in complex settings including: computer monitors, industrial automation, medical care, medical care, medical care, hospice, and more.
✨ Mfk central lock: the mfk central lock prevents accidental access to key parts and is easy to use.
✨ Additional power box dci engine: this keyless entry system is used for dci engine, which can only be used to transfer data from device to device.
✨ Lightweight and easy to carry: the keyless entry system is lightweight and easy to carry. it can be easily stored in a backpack or handbag without taking up too much space.
✨ Works perfectly: the keyless entry system is designed to work with MFK keyless entry systems. it can be used as a one-key switch, and you can also use it as a storage box for small items such as keys, wallets, etc.
✨ Customer recommended: if you are not sure what size to choose, please contact us and we will provide you with the best solution.
✨ Functions - Remotely lock and unlock your car. - Remote car location, help car finding. - Remote trunk release(+-)

1. Led indicator - parking light output electric and pneumatic door locks.
2. keyless entry system,.
3. product manual.