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Panel/Surface Mount LED Voltmeter 5-30VDC



Quite possibly the easiest way to monitor your battery voltage, or the voltage in any DC powered system. Simply wire up to a positive and negative DC power source of 5-30VDC, and the voltmeter tells you the voltage (taking power from the DC source to operate).

• Supplied with brackets for panel or surface mounting
• Connection is via 6.3mm spade terminals
• Also available with additional modules

Measures Voltage DC
DC Volts Measurement Range 5V-30V
Product Mounting
Square Mount Hole Width 60mm
Square Mount Hole Height 42mm
Mounting Method Panel
Attachment / Securing Method Collar / Nut
Product Dimensions
Width 60mm
Height 42mm
Dimension details Panel Mounting
Dimensions for Including Bracket
Internal or Sub-part Dimensions
Dimension details Voltmeter module
Depth 40mm
Dimensions for Without Bracket
Diameter 36mm
Additional Dimensions
Width 55mm
Height 50mm
Depth 80mm
Dimensions details Under Dash / Surface Mounting Hood
Dimension for Including Bracket
Meter Display
Display Type LED
Display Backlight Red LED Backlit
Bargraph N
Display Height 36mm
Display Width 26mm