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These ultra soft breast shells are worn inside your bra to protect your nipples from chafing and to collect leaking breast milk. These ventilated shells protect sore or cracked nipples to help them heal more quickly, and their gentle pressure helps relieve engorgement. The holes in the Breast Shells allow air to circulate. Also included are breast milk collection shells (no holes) that collect excess breast milk when feeding or using a breast pump. Includes: 2x ventilated shells, 2x breast milk collection shells, 2x ultra soft silicone backing cushions

Technical Specifications

  • Protection against

    Sore nipples                                                 Yes
    Cracked nipples                                           Yes
  • Material

    Backing cushions                                         Silicone
  • What is included

    Ventilated breast shells                                    2  pcs
    Non-ventilated breast milk saver shells           2  pcs
    Ultrasoft backing cushions                              2  pcs
  • Development stages

    Stage                                                           0 - 6 months