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Polymorph Pellets

$17.90 $19.90

Polymorph will change the way you make parts. It's a commercial grade thermoplastic that softens enough to be formed into any shape at around 62 - 65° C. You simply heat the pellets in hot water or with a hair dryer. It hardens at room temperature to form a tough plastic material similar in consistency and colour to Nylon. It can be drilled, sanded, ground, machined or heated and reformed again and again. Endless uses in model making, craft, single part manufacture, prototyping, engineering, science, lab, clinical applications and more.

Supplied in a 100g bag of 3mm pellets.

Solder and Accessories
Melting Point 62°C-65°C
Size 3mm
Service Aid Chemicals
Service Aid Heatsink compound
Physical state Solid
Chemical container type Can / Tin