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POWERTECH 12V 160W Folding Solar Panel with 5M Cable

$449.00 $499.00
Almost a staple for camping trips, folding solar panels are the go to for keeping your deep cycle batteries charged while away. This Powertech 12V Folding Solar Panel provides an extra 10W of power compared to older designs with the same physical size, which means you can charge your batteries more efficiently without having to lug around larger panels. This product includes two 80 Watt monocrystalline solar panels that provide excellent performance under low light environments, producing 2-3% more power and higher kWh/kW ratio compared to older monocrystalline designs. The 10A PWM solar charge controller features an LCD screen to monitor your battery and two handy 5V USB ports to charge your phone and other USB gadgets at the campsite. Suitable for charging AGM/Lead acid, Gel and Flooded batteries, and supplied with a 5m extension lead with Anderson connectors, extension leads (Anderson to eye terminals and Anderson to Alligator Clips)and a heavy duty bag for safe portability. Equipped with a carrying handle, durable fold out legs that allow for varying degrees of tilt, and industry standard latches, this solution will be your new best friend for on the go!

- Adjustable, corrosion-resistant aluminium stand and frame
- Heavy duty handle and latches for longevity
- PWM Solar charge controller compatible with gel, sealed, and flooded batteries
- 5V 1.2A USB Port

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Warranty: 60 Months