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Professional Cat IV Multimeter Probes

$39.90 $40.90

There is no longer a need to settle for second best with your multimeter probes, especially if you have them in your hand almost every day.

To start with, we've made them extra long; they're 1200mm long so you don't drag your meter across your workbench as you move around a circuit and makes them perfect for bench top meters. They're Cat IV rated for safety, feature finger guards and can handle 20A of current. The best part is the actual probes themselves. To start with, the probes are suitable for inserting into a standard 4mm banana socket using the same spring hold system. Also included are probe covers which not only stop the sharp points being dangerous, they allow only just the tip to be exposed for delicate work where you can be in danger of making a short between two connections which are close together.

Meter Probes

Probe rating voltage
Probe safety rating
Cat IV
Lead Length
Includes finger guard
Probe Type
High Grade Meter Probes
Connection to meter
Shrouded 4mm Banana Plug

 12 Months