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R/C Fighting Robots

$83.90 $89.90

Robot wars in your own home. These remote controlled fighting robots can move in any direction, spin 360°, and can twist at their waist to attack or defend against the opponent robot. A direct hit to a robot’s chest plate causes its head to pop off and cause that robot to disengage until its head is put back on. Combat shields are supplied which attach to the robot’s arm, and simulated battle sounds and voice effects add to the fun. A speed-up button on the remote can add to your robot’s effectiveness in defence or attack. Each robot requires 4 x AA batteries, and each 2.4GHz remote requires 2 x AA batteries. Batteries not included.

Recommended for ages 8+.


Full motion

Sound and voice effects

Product Dimensions:

Width - 200 mm

Height - 350 mm

Depth - 85 mm

Weight - 1.3 kg