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Ryco Fuel Filter - Z271

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  • Ryco Fuel Filters achieve an ideal harmony of efficiency, durability, and flow to ensure top-tier fuel filtration quality
  • Ensures dependable vehicle performance and reduces operating expenses over time
  • Prevents injectors from becoming clogged, worn, or damaged, and protects high pressure injectors and fuel pumps from the build-up of contaminants or a
  • Reliable filters ensure extended vehicle lifespan, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and the need for towing services
  • Subjected to rigorous testing in Australia's only dedicated filtration laboratory to meet or exceed OE equivalents and to adhere to interna

If you are unsure of which filter suits your vehicle click the link below for the Ryco filter Finder

Visit http://www.ryco.co.nz to find the listed filter for your vehicle.

Tech Spec:

Seam Diameter: 92.5mm
Overall Height: 125mm
Seal Outside Diameter: 70.5mm
Thread: M20x1.5
Body Material: Metal
EFI Compatible: Yes