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Simon Gault Carbon Steel Frypan 20cm

$45.00 $84.99

The Simon Gault Carbon Steel Fry pan was forged by nature and made with superior acacia hard wood that makes it durable, strong and authentic looking! Create a healthy 100% natural non stick layer with regular seasoning. The blacker the pan gets, the better the non-stick properties work! The item is suitable for high temperature frying and ideal for searing meats.


  • Acacia wood that features natural antibacterial properties.
    -Carbon steel (no PFOA, no PTFE and no other chemicals were used).
  • Body and base thickness: 2 mm
  • Suitable for all hobs including induction. Can be used on your BBQ.
  • This item is NOT dishwasher safe, nor can be used in the oven.
  • Handwash recommended.
  • Guarantee: 10 years.
  • 20cm diameter
  • Designed in Europe.
    *Any irregular aspect of the wood is the guarantee of its natural and authentic source. Small variations in colour, as well as the appearance of cracks are inherent characteristics and add to its beauty.

This Simon Gault frypan is made of carbon steel and therefore has to be seasoned prior to first use.

Since it has to be seasoned, the frypan performs differently to a non-stick or stainless steel frypan. This is done by heating oil in your pan and rubbing it in. This will form a patina layer, which has a dark colour. The more you use your pan, the darker this patina layer will get and the more non-stick it will become.

It is normal that the pan will discolour during initial use, because at that time the first patina layer will be formed and food will stick more to the frying surface due to the lack of a patina layer.

Carbon steel is not stainless steel and therefore, it can rust much more easily. We advise to always dry the pan thoroughly after cleaning and to never use a dishwasher. Hot water for cleaning is already more than sufficient.

If you get rust or burnt residues, you can remove it by scrubbing it with scouring pad and for more stubborn stains, you can first fill the pan with equal part water and vinegar and then bring it to boil. Afterwards, you pour it out and scrub the stains off. After removing the rust, the pan has to be re-seasoned as is explained above.