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Simon Gault Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frypan Set 3 Piece

$79.99 $124.99

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The Simon Gault Cast Iron Pre-Season range is ready to use and is the choice of top chefs due to its excellent heat distribution and cooking capabilities. It allows maximum results using less heat than other types of cookware. Cast Iron is perfect for all stove top cooking including gas, radiant, halogen, ceramic, and solid elements as well as induction. It is also suitable for conventional and convection ovens to a max temperature of 200 degrees C. With repeated use Cast Iron cookware will stay black, a sign that the durable and natural stick resistant surface is in good condition and ready to use.

  •  Set consists of: 16cm, 20cm and 24cm cast iron frypans
  • Product weight: 16cm 1.06 KG, 20cm 1.68 KG 24cm 2.28 KG