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Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls/Container Heavy Duty


Ideal for Salad Dressing, Cutting fruits, Vegetables Tossing Salads, Folding In Whipped Egg Whites, Resting Batters, Salting Fries, Storing Leftovers, Keeping Food prep fresh and packing for a Barbecue in the Park. 

Deeper, Wider, Thicker And More Durable Than Average Steel Mixing Bowls, They’re Made From Stainless Steel – Resistant to Heat, Corrosion, Rust, Scratches.

Grippy handles and non-slip flat bottoms make them easy to hold while you gently mix, fold, toss and serve, reducing the risk of slips and spills and protecting your hands, benchtop.


  • Durable And Easy To Clean
  • Mirror Finish
  • Dishwasher Safe


18cm (Diameter) x 8.5cm (Height)

22cm (Diameter) x 9.5cm (Height)

26cm (Diameter) x 11cm (Height)

34cm (Diameter) x 14cm (Height)

40cm (Diameter) x 16.5cm (Height)

50cm (Diameter) x 18.5cm (Height)