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Starrett Klixp48-1-N Aluminum I-Beam Leveler 1200mm (48")

$49.00 $129.00

The Exact Plus KLIXP 48-1-N spirit level features professional I-Beam cross-sections. These levels feature large 360° anti-shock bubbles that allow maximum visibility and accuracy up to 0.001" per inch, and special shock-resistant rubber-plastic


  •  Produced with professional duty I-Beam cross section. Includes one magnetic surface.
  •  Features large 360 Deg anti-shock vial sites allowing maximum visibility and accuracy to 0.001"/inch.
  •  Includes comfortable hand grips with soft touch.


  •  Type: I-Beam
  •  Category: Exact Plus
  •  Material: Aluminum
  •  Length (in): 48"
  •  Width (in): 1"
  •  Magnetic: Yes
  •  Vial Type: Plastic 360°
  •  Number Vials: 3
  •  Accuracy: 0.001"/inch