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Under Bonnet Sound Deadener

$16.50 $39.00

This sound proof and heat insulation EPDM rubber sheet is covered by 1 thin layer of chrome sheet which when it's applied to under car bonnet, inside car boot or side door panels , it's reflective chrome will make your car look more attractive and awesome.

Alternatively, when you apply this sheet inside the door panel, it will help to eliminate the noise of vibration that caused by speaker sound and subsequently improve your car audio quality and bass comes out more solid and stronger.

Product Features:
Self adhesive - very strong and static
The dimension is 130cm x 100cm (Enough for one car)
Approximate 5mm thick
Sound proofing, heat insulation, fire protection, Water proofing and dust proof.
Very easy to install and can fit to all the cars.
Look very nice, high quality. Shinning chrome on outlet layer