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Uro Chafing Fuel Gel 3 Hour - Pickup Only

$2.50 $4.00

Pick Up From 19 Tuhoro Street, Otorohanga 3900

The Budget Warehouse - Otorohanga

Keep your food hot with clean burning odourless, high heat Uro Fuel Gel. Simply remove lid, place in chafing dish fuel holder and expose GEL to flame.

  • 3 Hour, 4 Hour and 6 Hour burn time
  • Fuel Type: Methyl Alcohol

3hr gel for $2.50
4hr gel for $3.50
6hr gel for $4.50

Directions for use:
1 Pop lid off using a tool or utensil, do not puncture can or open using a can opener.
2. Place can in fuel holder and/or place under chafer BEFORE lighting.
3. Light can, do not handle can once lit, as can will become very hot to touch
4. To extinguish flame use the lid or fuel holder, wait for can to cool before handing.
CAUTION: Flammable Mixture

• Burn can in a level upright position.
• Keep away from combustibles (e.g. paper plates and napkins).
• Ensure adequate ventilation in area of use.
• DO NOT handle can once lit as can will be hot.
• Close container when not in use.
• Store in a dry cool place, away from sources of heat or open flames.
• Designed to be burnt in can only.
• KEEP away from children.



UN Shipping Name: Flammable Solid, Toxic, Organic, N.O.S

Flammable solid, Toxic if swallowed, Toxic in contact with skin Causes serious eye irritation, Toxic if inhaled, Causes damage to organs
Please Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Available From: www.eurovap.co.nz -www.eurovap.com.au