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Wiltshire Laser Edge Knife Block Set 7 Piece

$65.00 $79.99

Laser edge blade with a unique edge that minimises the need for sharpening. High quality Stainless Steel blade. Durable contoured handle ensures a comfortable grip. Compact storage block. Non-slip rubber grips to reduce movement of the block on the kitchen work surface. 

Set Includes:

  • Pairing Knife - Ideal for peeling and cutting small fruit and vegetables.
  • Utility Knife - Versatile knife for cutting, slicing and trimming meat, fruit and vegetables.
  • Boning Knife - Ideal for boning or filleting meat and fish.
  • Bread Knife - Scalloped edge that is ideal for slicing bread without tearing.
  • Cook's Knife - Ideal for chopping, dicing & mincing. The blade length, weight and handle allows for continuous slicing and control.
  • Kitchen Shears - Cuts easily through small bones and other difficult foods.
  • Knife Block